Why it Makes Sense to Donate Your Investments to Charity

  • Investments donations in more coming back to you
Canadians commonly donate cash to charities; however, the Canada Revenue Agency recognizes more than just donations of cash.  In fact, a range of gifts qualify for the Charitable Tax Credits.  Donations of ecologically sensitive land, certified cultural property, capital property, personal-use property, inventory, and most notably securities qualify as well.

If you own securities that have substantially appreciated in value, consider donating some of them to your chosen charity instead of cash. Gifting qualifying securities can result in greater tax relief compared to donating cash. When you donate qualifying securities, you are able to claim a charitable donation for the securities’ fair market value on the date of the donation in addition to forgoing the deemed capital gain on the disposition of the securities.

Investments donations in more coming back to you

By donating qualified securities and stocks, you can avoid having to pay any tax on the deemed capital gains investments.

Capital gains are the profits that result from the sale or deemed disposition of a capital asset where the fair market value is higher than your adjusted cost base.  When you gift securities you are deemed to have sold them at fair market value. This triggers a deemed capital gain which is normally taxed.  However, by gifting your appreciated securities under this tax treatment, you avoid having to pay any tax on the deemed capital gains due to the special inclusion rate of zero on qualifying transactions.

Keep in mind that if you sell the securities and then donate the cash, you are not afforded the same tax treatment on the capital gains. If you are considering donating qualifying securities to take advantage of the additional tax benefits, be sure to transfer them directly to your registered charity of choice

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