Draft Proposed Consolidation of PST Statute Released

VICTORIA – The B.C. government has released a draft consolidation of the provincial sales tax statute that would take effect April 1, 2013, subject to approval of the legislature, to help British Columbians and B.C. businesses with the re-implementation of the provincial sales tax.

The draft consolidation offers a preview of what the final PST act would generally look like, subject to approval by the legislature. Final amendments leading to the re-implementation of the PST are to be formally introduced to the legislature in February 2013. This provides one more tool to support businesses during their return to a PST plus GST tax system.

Draft regulations that complete the legislative package will be released with or before the introduction of the amendments to the legislature.

More than a dozen publications that provide plain-language guidance on the application of PST and related exemptions have been distributed through the fall. Recent publications include notices for the restaurant industry, telecommunications services, and services to tangible personal property. More notices will be released over the coming months. Consumers and businesses can also refer to an updated “What’s taxable, what’s not” guide covering many common goods and services. Information is available online at: www.gov.bc.ca/pst

The B.C. government is providing a wide range of tools and services to help businesses understand how the PST works and how to register using the new eTaxBC e-services option. Starting Jan. 2, 2013, eTaxBC services are available for online registration, making compliance with the PST easier.

Tools and services available to help businesses prepare for the re-implementation of the PST include:

  • One-on-one consultations with a government tax specialist.
  • Online webinars covering the general principles of the PST and eTaxBC.
  • PST bulletins and notices.
  • Videos:
    • Returning to the PST – An Overview for Business
    • PST in B.C. Online Registration
  • Businesses with questions about the PST can call our toll-free help line – 1 877 388-4440.
  • Emailing questions to: CTBTaxQuestions@gov.bc.ca
  • In-person seminars covering the general principles of the PST and eTaxBC.

Letters have been sent to over 160,000 businesses with advice on how to get information on the return to PST and how to register. The B.C. government is also reaching out to chambers of commerce and business associations to offer presentations with information businesses need for the transition.

The draft consolidation was shared with members of the legislative assembly before public release.

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Courtesy copy of the draft consolidation of the PST statute:


More information on the return to PST and links to publications, tools and services can be found at: www.gov.bc.ca/pst