Code of Ethical Principles

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Responsibilities to Society

Members have a fundamental responsibility to safeguard and advance the interests of society. This implies acting with trustworthiness, integrity, and objectivity. This responsibility extends beyond a member’s own behaviour to the behaviour of colleagues and to the standards of the Association and the profession.

Trust and Duties

Members shall act in the interest of their clients, employers, and interested third parties, and shall be prepared to sacrifice their self-interest to do so. Members shall honour the trust bestowed on them by others, and shall not use their privileged position without their principal’s knowledge and consent. Members shall strive to be independent of mind and in appearance.

Due Care and Professional Judgement

Members shall strive to continually upgrade and develop their technical knowledge and skills in the areas in which they practice as professionals. This technical expertise shall be employed with due professional care and judgement.

Deceptive Information

Members shall not be associated with any information which the member knows, or ought to know, to be false or misleading, whether by statement or omission.

Practice of the Profession

Members shall act openly and fairly towards others in the practice of their profession.

Responsibilities to the Profession

Members shall always act in accordance with the duties and responsibilities associated with being members of the profession, and shall carry on work in a manner which will enhance the image of the profession and the Association.