B.C.’s 2017 Personal Income Tax Rates

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B.C. personal income tax rates apply to specific tax brackets. A tax bracket is a range of annual income. Income past a certain point is taxed at a higher rate. The tax brackets are indexed each year to the Consumer Price Index for B.C. (BC CPI).

For the 2017 tax year, the tax brackets were increased from the previous year by a BC CPI rate of 1.8{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}.

Personal Income Tax Brackets and Rates – 2017 Tax Year

Taxable Income – 2017 BracketsTax Rate
$0 to $38,8985.06{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}
$38,898.01 to $77,7977.70{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}
$77,797.01 to $89,32010.50{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}
$89,320.01 to $108,46012.29{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}
Over $108,46014.70{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}


Tax rates are applied on a cumulative basis. For example, if your taxable income is more than $38,898, the first $38,898 of taxable income is taxed at 5.06{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}, the next $38,899 of taxable income is taxed at 7.70{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}, the next $11,523 is taxed at 10.5{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}, the next $19,140 of taxable income is taxed at 12.29{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5} and any taxable income over $108,460 is taxed at 14.70{cae2521f64dcff784c511b644c6cc8c98f9594c79acdd41ba953a724385391e5}.

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